Chapter 7: Sharing with Care: Posting Pictures, Videos, and Thoughts Online

Eva’s Guide to Staying Safe Online

The Impact of Sharing: Eva’s Lesson

One sunny day, Eva and Oliver discovered a beautiful meadow filled with colorful flowers. Eva was so amazed by the scenery that she couldn’t wait to share it with her friends online.

Before Eva posted the picture, Oliver asked, “Do you know how to share with care, Eva?”

Eva looked puzzled. “What do you mean, Oliver?”

Oliver explained, “Sharing things online can be fun, but we need to be careful about what we post and who can see it. Once something is online, it’s hard to take it back, and it might be seen by people we don’t know.”

Eva nodded, ready to learn more about responsible sharing.

Privacy Settings and Their Importance

Oliver continued, “One way to share with care is by adjusting your privacy settings. These settings control who can see your posts and personal information.”

Eva was curious and asked, “How do I do that?”

Oliver showed Eva the different privacy settings available on most social media platforms:

  1. Public: Anyone, including people who don’t know you, can see your posts.

  2. Friends: Only people you’ve added as friends can see your posts.

  3. Custom: You can choose specific people or groups to share your posts with.

  4. Private: Only you can see your posts.

Oliver advised Eva to choose the friends or custom settings to keep her posts and personal information more secure. Eva thanked Oliver for the helpful advice and adjusted her privacy settings accordingly.

With her privacy settings in place, Eva was eager to share her beautiful meadow photo. But before she clicked “post,” Oliver reminded her of some additional tips for sharing with care:

  1. Think before you post: Always consider if the content you’re sharing is appropriate and if you’d be comfortable with everyone, including your parents, teachers, or future employers, seeing it.

  2. Avoid sharing personal information: Be cautious about posting pictures or videos that reveal your full name, address, school, or other private details.

  3. Respect others’ privacy: Always ask for permission before posting photos or videos of your friends and family.

Eva took Oliver’s advice to heart and shared her lovely meadow photo, knowing she was practicing safe and responsible sharing habits. As they continued their journey, Eva felt more confident in her ability to enjoy the online world while protecting her privacy and that of her loved ones.