Creating Dynamic Video Presentations with ChatGPT Plugins

The way we consume information is constantly evolving. Traditional text-based content, while still valuable, often needs to be supplemented with more dynamic and engaging formats to capture the attention of today’s audience. One such format is video, which has proven to be an incredibly effective medium for communication, education, and entertainment. But what if we could take it a step further? What if we could seamlessly integrate text-based content from a website with a demo video to create an immersive video presentation?

Let’s explore how two ChatGPT plugins – WebPilot and Visla – can be combined to transform your website content into a video presentation.

WebPilot, with its advanced API integration, allows us to extract real-time data from websites, while Visla’s ChatGPT plugin enables the creation of videos from specific topics. By combining these capabilities, we can create a video presentation that not only visually engages the audience but also provides in-depth information extracted directly from your website content.

Whether you’re a content creator looking to diversify your content formats, an educator seeking more engaging teaching materials, or a business aiming to enhance your marketing strategies, this combination can help you save time and get or get a headstart.


WebPilot is a popular plugin for ChatGPT that provides tailored solutions for enhancing AI applications. It is particularly notable for its advanced API integration, which infuses AI with real-time data, thereby optimizing user experiences. 

The plugin is designed to handle various tasks based on user requests, such as translation, rewriting, and more. It can also summarize content, present thought-provoking questions or insights, and display titles in the user’s language. If there’s an issue accessing a link, users can report it on the WebPilot website.

For more detailed information, you can visit their website, check their API documentation, or explore their GitHub repository. They also maintain a blog for updates and discussions.


Visla offers a ChatGPT plugin that allows users to create videos from stock footage based on specific topics. The process is simple: users input a video prompt with as much detail as they want, preview the video created by Visla’s AI-powered video generator, and then customize the video footage, text, voice-over, and more. The customized video can then be saved to the user’s Visla account, and easily shared or downloaded.

Visla is an external company that provides its platform to ChatGPT users in the form of a plugin. While it can be used in conjunction with ChatGPT, it can also be used independently. Visla’s AI Video Generator, “Idea to Video”, leverages ChatGPT’s API for GPT-4 to provide a generative experience. Users can also use the “Text to Video” feature to create videos from a story or script created using ChatGPT.

Visla’s solution is designed to simplify the process of creating videos using stock footage, which can be a tedious and time-consuming task. However, to export videos that contain premium stock footage, a premium Visla account is required.

For more information, you can visit their website or check their FAQ section. They also offer various other features and solutions for marketing, sales, engineering, content creators, social media, team communications, customer support, small businesses, education, and personal branding.