Oracle Adds AI-Powered Vector Search to Converged Database

Oracle has recently announced the release of Oracle Database 23ai, a significant update to its converged database that integrates over 300 new features to enhance the use of artificial intelligence (AI) with data, speed up application development, and support critical workloads. A standout feature of this release is the Oracle AI Vector Search, which enables users to search for documents, images, and other unstructured data by conceptual content rather than exact words or data values. This capability allows for efficient and secure searches without the need to move or duplicate data, as AI algorithms can now operate directly within the database. Oracle Database 23ai is available across a variety of cloud services, including Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Database@Azure. The update also includes Oracle Exadata System Software 24ai for improved AI Vector Search performance and OCI GoldenGate 23ai for real-time vector replication. These advancements come as part of Oracle’s ongoing efforts to expand its cloud infrastructure business and enhance its suite of cloud applications with AI capabilities.