Sangi’s Remineralizing Toothpaste Inducted into Space Technology Hall of Fame

Sangi Co., Ltd’s innovative remineralizing toothpaste has been honored with induction into the U.S. Space Technology Hall of Fame. This accolade was presented at the 2024 Space Symposium held in Colorado Springs from April 8 to 11. The toothpaste, which utilizes Medical Hydroxyapatite to prevent tooth decay, is a direct application of NASA’s research aimed at combating mineral loss in astronauts due to the absence of gravity. This technology simulates the natural production of hydroxyapatite, a critical component of both teeth and bones. Sangi, a Japanese company, is recognized for its high-quality dental care products, including the APAGARDĀ® and APADENTĀ® brands. The company’s founder, Shuji Sakuma, was inspired by NASA’s advancements to incorporate hydroxyapatite into their toothpaste formula. Sangi’s achievement marks a significant milestone as they become the first Japanese company to receive this prestigious award, highlighting the intersection of space technology and everyday health care products.