Startup Revolutionizes Agriculture with Innovative Seed Enhancement

A pioneering startup, Salicrop, is addressing critical global agricultural issues by introducing a novel seed enhancement technology that promises to make plants more resilient. As climate change exacerbates conditions like heat, drought, and soil salinity, over 830 million hectares of farmland suffer from reduced productivity. Salicrop’s solution activates the natural stress-response mechanisms in plants, allowing them to withstand harsh environmental challenges without the need for breeding new crop varieties.

The process involves soaking seeds in a unique blend of materials for several hours, which does not alter the seed’s weight or leave any residue, thus differentiating it from traditional seed treatments. This method ensures that farmers can continue using their preferred commercial seed varieties while benefiting from enhanced plant health.

Salicrop’s CEO, Carmit Oron, explained that their technology is akin to priming, but with the added advantage of not using biologicals, simplifying regulatory processes. Field trials led by co-founder Dr. Sharon Devir have shown promising results, with yield increases of up to 15% for tomatoes and 10%-17% for other crops in saline soils.

This breakthrough offers a quicker alternative to the slower approaches of larger seed companies and is compatible with organic farming practices. As the global population rises and extreme weather events become more frequent, Salicrop’s seed enhancements could be crucial in securing food supplies. The company has already begun selling its tomato treatments in Israel and is looking to expand internationally, potentially providing a significant boost to farmers and food security worldwide.